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Many team problems are pre determined self fulfilling prophecies!

The latest Gismos, the most futuristic office building on the planet, the best address in town and the most luxuriously furnished offices will not guarantee peak team performance.

Certainly the feel good factor generated by such facilities engenders a positive working environment.

However it is the non fiscal elements of a company, its people and their interaction with their internal/external customers and one another and which will finally determine a company’s bottom line.

Great care is taken by most professionally led organisation to use effective selection practices and rigorously vet all new recruits prior to appointment.

More management tools than ever before now exist to help and assist in the selection process, but even so selection errors can and do sneak in no matter how effective the initial screening process.

Many companies and their management teams however still ignore the plethora of tools designed to improve selection and retention.

Gut feeling, instinct and the urgent need to replace the last selection error very often are the rule rather than the exception. This is particularly so in a sales environment where the recruiting managers may be under such severe pressure to maintain staffing levels that they ‘take a chance’.

The end result is selection benchmark slippage and a gradual loosening of the corporate selection procedures. A downward spiral in general standards of interviewing and pre selection penetrative questioning skills ensues with the likely outcome being an increase in staff turnover.

The self fulfilling prophecy now swings into play. As more staff leave pressure builds upon the recruiting personnel. The more pressure they are under the more likely they are to drift even further away from laid down corporate recruitment and selection procedures.

So is it any wonder that one of the greatest corporate financial haemorrhages is caused by the revolving door of misplacement?

The true cost of even a 1% staff turnover in a year is unimaginably high so imagine what the cost in total is to Corporate America!

According to an article in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal published on September 15, 2003, employee turnover in the United States averages between 25 to 30 percent per year; middle-management turnover is even higher.

One key factor in this alarming information is the Billions of dollars in unrecoverable losses that is simply disappearing into thin air.

A recent survey by the American Management Association states the average cost to replace an employee is 30% of their salary.

How many employees did you have to replace last year?

The figures for the UK and Europe will likely be no different to any great extent.

OK, so you have your staff and it’s a little late to start thinking about how you should have or could have maybe been a little smarter in your selection process.

What you can do is make every effort to keep the folks you have.

Your organisation is made up of any number of teams. If you make a start by ensuring that your teams are balanced in terms of knowledge, skill and behavioural style then you are on the right track.

Where to start?

Many companies look to outside consultants as facilitators to sit in on team meetings all the way to main board level.  This is often a very successful way to check on the current health of your team structures and on the non fiscal health of the organisation.

This can though be a very time consuming operation and costly too.

TeamFacilitate however offers all organisational teams from government departments to amateur sporting clubs an affordable team inertia busting option.

Using the outputs of behavioural profiling tools such as Belbin, Myers Briggs and DISC this online system promises to be of huge advantage to team leaders searching for a pathway back to positive team performance.

A facilitator (who may or may not be a member of the team to be observed) is appointed to watch the team in action and make note of any negative issues which arise.

The facilitator then accesses the teamfacilitate system and selects the issues in question. They also identify for the system those team members directly involved in the issue.

The system will then interrogate the bio data of the team members and identify the team member most suited to lead the team through the problem solving procedure.

The person chosen may or not be the actual person responsible for the team.

Teamfacilitate will automatically produce a list of suggestions for the person responsible for the team, a list of suggestions for those team members directly involved in the issue, a list for team members not involved in the issue and also a list for the person selected as being the most appropriate person to lead the team through the issue.

These communications are posted internally within the system which may be accessed by team members using their own unique password thus avoiding the possibility of mail being lost in spam folders and the like.

This then gives all team members a platform dialogue from which to start.

The team leader and the person selected would then most likely compare notes in advance of running a meeting designed specifically to overcome the identified problem.

The meeting itself will be chaired by the person identified and run to their published agenda. The result is that the team talk the problem through instead of letting it fester away in the background continuing to cause team malaise.

TeamFacilitate is an online management tool designed to help teams quickly and effectively overcome team issues which are ‘cut to the chase’ team imperatives.

TeamFacilitate is a 21st century solution to problems and difficulties experienced by 21st century teams and their leaders.

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