Free Team Health Check Questionnaire

In the Team Healing Process completion of a Team Health Check Questionnaire is critical. A team health check gives a snap shop view of how things are at any one particular moment in time; it is in effect a reality check not just for the team leader but for all team members.

If completed honestly the health check often may lay bear one or two nerve endings for the team leader and maybe also for some team members. To be of any practical use a team health check questionnaire must be confidential, must be completed by all team members, must take no more than a few minutes to complete and must be seen as only the first stage of the healing process for a team in trouble.

Whilst such a questionnaire is of huge benefit to a team performing below its best it is also useful for team leaders to test the temperature of their team in order to stay ahead of any issues which may be lurking just below the surface.

The TeamFacilitate questionnaire has been designed to be user friendly (only eleven questions) as well as zoning in on critical performance measures.

A key aspect of the questionnaire is that every response made is totally confidential. This promotes a more honest response and encourages responders to tell team leaders what they need to know rather than what they feel the team leader wants to hear.

The free questionnaire is offered as an introduction to TeamFacilitate the online team facilitation system.

TeamFacilitate does not only help identify issues which may undermine the effectiveness of team performance but also offers suggestions which will aid and assist recovery of top team performance.

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